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Did You Know

Executive Order #11110


Did You Know?

American Presidents Fear Executive Order No. 11110

John F. Kennedy Assassinat On June 4, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110.
This returned the power to the United States government to print it’s own money again.
He got a bullet to the head





That executive order still stands today but no president will dare to sign it for fear of a bullet to the head.

Dangers of Sugar Obesity Heart Disease
hat is it they don’t want you to know about sugar and why?
Don’t want you to know – Refine Sugar is a Drug and Poison.
The Why – Refine Sugar is The Root Cause of American Obesity Epidemic and poor health.
According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that the average American
consumes around 19 teaspoons of sugar every day which translates into 76 grams per day.
It hard to believe but processed sugar is in all processed food and beverages, just look around the average Americans are overweight or obese.
World Health Organization Targeting Black People for Population Control
The bioengineered disease was designed to target ethnic groups and kill them off quietly
These groups include Hispanics, Africans, and other people of color.
The HIV virus which causes AIDS was disguised as a vaccine and given to black people
in Africa during their mandatory so call smallpox vaccine during 1976-1980.
This explains how the AID virus spread so fast and so far throughout Africa to remote villages
Trayvon Martin
Trayvon wan killed February 26, 2012
The insurance policy was taken out on March 3rd, 2012
The policy went into effect two weeks after Trayvon was killed
When can you buy an insurance policy after death and they pay?
People think he was killed during half time but Was kill at 7:17 pm the game did not start until 8:00 pm
He laid in the morgue for three days as a John Doe
His parents settle wrongful death claim for two million dollars
The only news paper that reported it was the Orlando Sentinel
Trayvon Martin's Parents received a wrongful-death settlement claim

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The IRS is a private corporation and is NOT part of the United States Government
The IRS poses as a government agency, it was not officially created by Congress is not part of the government it is a private corporation and doesn’t have the authority to impose taxes.
Fluoride Causes Learning Disability in People of Color
African Americans are at greater risk for so many diseases today, and since the National Research Council has stated that kidney patients and diabetics are especially vulnerable to harm from ingested fluorides, and since we all know that blacks are deeply affected by kidney and diabetes ailments, supporting fluoridation that provides uncontrolled dosing of fluorides does not make sense.

Research shows that black children ingest significantly more fluorides than white children, and that black Americans have more staining of their teeth that demonstrates excessive intake of fluorides as a child.

Putting fluoride in water assumes a one-size-fits-all approach, that all people, regardless of body weight or medical history, can drink unlimited amounts of water with fluoride in it.
So we must take issue with bringing into our bodies unknown amounts this substance fluoride that comes at us from all directions in foods made with fluoridated water, beverages, water, drugs, pesticide and fumigant residues, etc.

Federal Reserve Act Turned Americans in Debt Slaves
In 1913 President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act giving 12 privately own banks the right to print US currency. These banks are based in
New York
St. Louis
Kansas City
San Francisco


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