When I was a little boy about five years old or so I had a dream.
I saw a drop of water hanging in the air.
By itself that one drop of water was nothing it was just hanging there.
And it was communicating with me.
At the time it didn’t make sense.
But I have never forgotten about that dream my entire life it sticks with me as if it happened last night.
I have heard that water has memory.
What water has a lot more than memory?
Water can communicate with you through your feelings.
It showed or told me something through feelings but I will never ever forget it as long as I live.
Over the years I have been trying to figure out what all of that meant.
I am 63 years old and I am just now beginning to understand what happened to me.
That water in my dream transmitted knowledge to me but I have not yet been able to fully understand all of it.

Water is the most powerful thing on this planet.
You cannot make it you cannot destroy it.
It is everywhere it connects everything on this planet.
Did you know just by dipping your toe into the ocean it transmits around the world in a Split Second?
That is the power of water and what it can do.
Every living plant on this Earth is connected to water.
That is how plants can talk.
Water in the internet of the earth.
Water keeps everything connected around the globe.
Plant life and animal life is like notebook computers.

One drop of water can hold enough information about the entire Earth and everything in it or on it.
Water is more powerful than anything you can begin to imagine Ultra comprehend

Water is supreme on this planet.