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What Is The Shadow Government?

A group of theories known as the “shadow government” is founded on the idea that private persons who are acting in secret and outside the purview of democratic institutions actually hold genuine and actual political power in addition to publicly elected officials

What Is The Military-Industrial Complex?

A network of organizations and persons engaged in the manufacture of weapons and military technologies is known as the military-industrial complex. Typically, the military-industrial complex in a nation works to secure political backing for the national government’s decision to maintain or raise military spending.

What Are International Bankers?

A financial institution known as an international bank provides loan options and payment accounts to foreign customers. Although each international bank has its own policies defining who they do business with, these overseas clients might be both individuals and businesses.

What Are Secret Societies?

A club or organization that conceals its members, events, activities, or inner workings is known as a secret society. The group might or might not make an effort to hide its existence.

What Are Central Banks?

An organization that controls a nation’s or monetary union’s commercial banking system and regulates its currency and monetary policy is known as a central bank, reserve bank, or monetary authority. A central bank, as opposed to a commercial bank, has the only right to raise the money supply.

What Are City States?

The term “city-state” refers to a typically tiny, independent nation made up of just one city, whose government has complete control over all areas falling within its borders. The single city of a city-state serves as the hub of political, economic, and cultural life, in contrast to more conventional multi-jurisdictional countries, where political authority is divided between the national government and multiple regional governments.

The first known city-states appeared during the classical era of Greek civilization, which lasted between the fourth and fifth century BCE. The Acropolis, which served as the administrative hub of ancient Athens (448 BCE), gave rise to the Greek word “polis” for city-states.

Up until the turbulent fall of Rome in 476 CE, which resulted in the city-prominence states and dominance flourishing,

What Are Zionist World Controllers?

The Zionist movement seeks independence and self-determination for the Jewish people in Israel, their historic homeland. Whether or whether they formally identify as Zionists and regardless of their views on Israeli government policy, the vast majority of Jews around the world feel a bond or kinship with Israel.

Up until the turbulent fall of Rome in 476 CE, which resulted in the city-prominence states and dominance flourishing,

What Are The United Nations (UN)?

51 nations came together to form the United States, an international body dedicated to preserving world peace and security, fostering goodwill among nations, and advancing social progress, higher living standards, and human rights.

What Are The International Space Agencies

Space agencies involved in this international project: NASA (the United States), Roscosmos (Russia), JAXA (Japan), ESA (Europe), and CSA (Canada), CNSA (China National Space Administration), ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation

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